Antoin has been working as a Production Sound Mixer since 1999. He strongly believes in in preproduction and sounddesign on set. Together with the director, soundpost and other key crewmembers it is possible to start with the creative soundpart already before you hit the soundpost.

The dialog and emotional sense that the actors are delivering is the part that the Production Sound Mixer needs to capture, in a way that it is serving the project.

Antoin works in many different mode’s and has always the right gearselection for the job, Feature, Documentary setups,TV series, Commercials and even 2 full package dramakits to supply e.g. a feature with a big 1st unit and a 2nd unit. During the first 15 year of the company he worked in over 30 countries for drama productions and even more for documentary, and the list is still getting bigger.

He also worked with many different types of crew and systems, from USA SAG / union feature , completion bond,to independent east european, south american, african, asian, and scandinavian crews.

In the past he developed a way of working which directors, editors and postproduction companies like.Also production companies know who they need to call for to archive the best production soundrecording that is possible.

In the past years Antoin did offer, a lot of students of the filmacademy a traineeship or intern place. Many of those former students are now Antoin’s the biggest competitors in the working field, because they learned the professional job and know how to create the highest soundstandard.

The interpretation of the script is an important part of the job and because after many different kinds of stories he developed a way to apply sounddesign in preproduction and on set. So postproduction has already a step taken before they start to work.

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