Due to the large amout of special equipment Antoin also rents gear for projects and colleagues who don’t have such an extensive set of equipment.

Of course the full list of gear from the equipment page is also for rental.

You can call or email for availability and a quote.

Phonak invisty Flex earwig’s  3 pieces incl portable transmitter (no neckloop required)

Phonak invisty Fixx earwig’s  2 pieces incl portable transmitter (no neckloop required)

SOUNDFIELD SPS200 4channel recording 5.1 software mike

CF card recorder incl microphone and Phantom XLR

SD card recorder incl microphone

Sonosax R4  
8 track HD HQ soundrecorder incl TC, digital in.

Model 6 base with model 7 boom.

Ambient 9mtr jumbo boompole

Incl topshelf and raincover

Rubbermaid PVC magliner

JBL Eon15P Active speaker system incl stands

400w of low sub’s on wheels

1 small speaker 
Acoustic research speaker on 12v  for big power on battery 

1 phone booth
 Acoustic  dead area for VO or que’s

tube amp   
Thermionic Culture  Earlybird 4 (4channel tube pre amp) incl 12v to 220 power ups

x vintage microphones
for sound or prop use from 1920 until now
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